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Welcome to the new KD6LC 145.190 MHz Repeater Information Page. We are gathering some information on the repeater and it shall be placed here for your amusement. The latest information comes from Rick N6RXA (thanks for the pic, Rick!) and Dale WB6TMS. Let's move on...

It all began in the late seventies when Warren WB6RHP (now a silent key), Jim KD6LC, and Dale WB6TMS bought the Yaesu repeater. They set it on 145.190 MHz, and placed it on top of Pole Mountain high above Cazadero as the now famous fire lookout was being built. The lookout is a fantastic spot that is totally exposed to the elements and has a great view of the Bay Area, but there is no electricity present. Nearly every morning, Warren would trek up there and run a generator in order to charge the large marine battery.

Warren eventually tired of this routine as winter access to Pole Mountain is a real challenge, and it was decided to move the repeater to a new location. After Warren passed away, his son sold his interest in the repeater to Jim. California Department of Forestry - Volunteers In Prevention members Hank W6DTV (now a silent key) and Bob K6GEV (now a silent key), along with CDF Battalion Chief Jerry Murphy did some fancy footwork and secured its present location on Mount Jackson high above Guerneville.

The repeater has always remained dedicated for the use of the CDF-VIP crew, and during fire season, and the more casual users must be prepared to give way in the rare event of an emergency. Having another group of users such as those of the Chicken Net ensures that the functionality of the repeater is observed on a regular basis, and that any anomalies in performance are reported to its control operators; Rick N6RXA, Gary N6ONZ, and Alan N6VUD. Several good folks have maintained the repeater over the years including Jim KD6LC, Mikey KA6AQS (now a silent key), Alan N6VUD, and Rick N6RXA. The repeater was upgraded with a real controller thanks to Jim N6PTM, and later completely overhauled and moved a short distance to the new county vault by Alan N6VUD. Rick reports that when it was discovered that the repeater was infested with mice, it was Mikey who did the dirty dispatching work.

While the repeater has been use for many years, it is only since 1991 that it has become known as "the Chicken Net repeater." As the years have rolled by, the Chicken Net has become known far and wide, receiving the Best Ham Award, and even a mention on Amateur Radio Newsline.

A picture of the original KD6LC 145.190 repeater. It was a Yaesu with a built in controller and is seen sitting on top of a three cavity filter. A deep cycle marine battery kept it alive for a while during power failures. Date unknown.

Alan N6VUD has recently done some FB work on the repeater. May 2001.

The repeater now has a new hut atop Mount Jackson. May 2001.

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