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Welcome to the new Chicken Net Photo Album. We've collected some photographs taken at previous Chicken Net activities and digitized them for your enjoyment. These are only a few of the photos known to exist. Many more are in private collections. If you have any photos laying around that you think should be included in the Chicken Net Photo Album, please send them to our Webmaster. We're looking for decent-quality color glossy prints or reprints. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you'd like the photos returned to you. It should go without saying that any high- quality digitally scanned pictures are most welcome.

Click on any of the photographs to see a full-size version.

The Latest Chicken Net Photos

A depression-era gathering of the Marin Amateur Radio Club that included our very own Clarence W6IZR! (Number 30, now a silent key) Summer 1934.

Bob W6WTJ, Jeffy KC6PJW, and Ken N6MSJ catch some rays at the Ponderosa. Date unknown.

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The Photo Album is always UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Please check frequently for new photographs.

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