2000 Photo Album

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Andrew KE6HID checks out the loot arriving at Alan N6VUD and Julie KF6GWQ's housewarming. May 2000.

Peggy KE6TIS showing off an eye-catching dress at the N6VUD/KF6GWQ housewarming. May 2000.

Alan N6VUD in his element at his housewarming. May 2000.

Debbie, the "lovely wife," and hubby Andrew KE6HID enjoying the fresh air on the deck of N6VUD/KF6GWQ. May 2000.

Mikey, KA6AQS (now a silent key), a real "man's man." May 2000.

Don KE6QHP and Alan N6VUD start to feel the combined effects of late hours and the pre-hangover lull during Field Day at the Ponderosa. June 2000.

Ed AG7D shows the endurance of a true Field Day champ. June 2000.

Alan N6UVD can't remember what he was going to say (or do) during a break in the Field Day action. June 2000.

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