2001 Photo Album

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Bob W6WTJ sporting that "they're coming to take me away, ha ha" grin at "the Ponderosa." May 2001.

Jackson Judd (still callsign-challenged) in full regalia. It has been said that Mount Jackson was named after Jackson Judd. May 2001.

Beloved chickens Ed AG7D, Peggy KE6TIS, Jeffy KC6PJV, and Alan N6VUD at the Ponderosa. May 2001.

Catherine W6VBC, Mark KM6XU, and Ken N6MSandaJ kick back at the Ponderosa. May 2001.

Paul KG6ABC, Jeffy KC6PJV, and Ed AG7D contemplate life's meaning at the Ponderosa. May 2001.

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