2002 Photo Album

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Alan N6VUD, a.k.a. the "head cluck," had his 40th birthday party at his "home QTH" (or "home 20" if you are Mister Majestic). Plenty of chicken dignitaries were present including Andrew KE6HID (seen here trying to "rip one" to the tune of "CQ"), Ted "ol' Harper Valley" KB6PTA, and Andrew's lovely wife of twenty years, Debbie. May 2002.

An apparent clone of Alan N6VUD, somewhat perturbed by the behavior of the so-called 'adults' in his midst. May 2001.

A rare shot of the man himself in which he is using a 'wired' communications device. May 2001.

Yum, I'd like a bite of that right now! May 2001.

Okay everybody, now look away from the camera! May 2001.

Here's that little guy again, making a valiant attempt to shield his developing cranium from all of the stray RF that was present. May 2001.

And finally, Jackson, seen reverse-engineering a piece of American hardware. May 2001.

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