Collectors Edition

Digitally Remastered

The Infamous RXA vs CCW "Incident"

(Ebonics Version)

How many times has dis went down on you?

You be sittin at home listenin to Alan's repeatuh (440.775) an' you hear folk say thins likes "Alan be goin ta lose a lot uh privileges", "he'll nevuh be havin' a repeater", "is de puppy driven?", "toodle loo", etc. They all be laughin in a knowin sort uh way an' you be left wonderin what all be goin on.

Well, now you can own de Collectors Edition uh de infamous RXA vs CCW "Incident" dat spawned dese memorable talk. Digitally remastard from de original analog tape.

Absolutely Free

Absolutely Free fuh years de original tape be a cult favorite. Passin from han' to hand, played at BBQ's & Stovathons, an' bein de source uh much amusement on Alan's mochine. Since many uh de newuh hams has probably nevuh heard de original tape, an' those dat has probably needs a fresh copy, we all decided to offuh de new digital Collectors Edition uh dis cult classic.

Act now to download yo free copy uh de Collector's Edition containin de full audio uh de initial incident plus all uh de memorable quotations from de original tape. All uh de files be in durable .WAV format an' will give up many years uh enjoyment once dey be loaded into yo computer. This all be betta than them Jeffasuns. See whut I be sayin'?

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De Infamous RXA vs CCW "Incident"

De incident occured on 7/14/92, between 7:00 an' 7:30pm. Gary WA6CCW (now he be K6AMA), Alan N6VUD, Mathew KD6KVH, an' others wuz on Alan's machine jokin 'roun. Gary wuz impersonatin Jack N6UYB who wuz considard fair game since he jus made his ho family homeless by managin to catch his trailer-home on far while towin it to Kentucky. Jack wit de flamin trailuh in tow finally pulled ovuh an' allowed de trailuh to burn to de ground, along wit alla deir belongins an shit.

De incident began when Rick N6RXA keyed up to thoughtfully remin' Gary dat evun dem State Techs ain't above de law...

Gary den reminded Rick dat he uset to say Alan would nevuh has a repeater. See what I'm sayin? Rick wuz axeed to stay off uh Alan's machine. His response be some legendary sheeit!

Alan come 'roun keyin' up attemptin' ta chill de situation.

A "unidentified jammer" den captured Alan's machine, playin a Newsline tape claimin dat de FCC wuz beginnin to clamp down on dem "f#ck$d up hams."

Gary den offard his "psychological profile" uh de suspected jammin' mutha.

A few weeks aftuh dis incident, Rick met Gary at one a dem Chicken Net BBQs. Dey shook hands an' agreed to let bygones be bygones. It would appear dis incident turned out to be, like Gary be sayin', "good for the hobby."

Quotations from N6RXA

rxa01.wav 05.84 You're getting your leg pulled, he's been toking on the bottle...
rxa02.wav 05.04 Is the poor little puppy driven?
rxa03.wav 00.92 Toodle loo.
rxa04.wav 04.32 You're setting a fine example for all the new hams out there, turkey.
rxa05.wav 08.24 Frequency is free to use, you can break my heart.
rxa06.wav 05.13 Alan's going to lose a lot of privileges.
rxa07.wav 05.36 Straighten up, you're smarter than that.
rxa08.wav 09.51 Alan will never have a repeater. Not without your help, will he?
rxa09.wav 03.42 Even State Techs aren't above the law.

Quotations from WA6CCW

ccw00.wav 08.50 My name's Jack, this is my repeater.
ccw01.wav 02.61 Alan will never have a repeater, no way.
ccw02.wav 03.38 If he doesn't like it, stay off the frequency, Jesus Christ.
ccw03.wav 04.80 Lots of channels, they don't like it they can go away.
ccw04.wav 01.11 It's good for the hobby.
ccw05.wav 02.14 If they don't like the flavor they can go away.
ccw06.wav 22.80 He's got a lot of problems...
ccw07.wav 02.43 We welcome everyone who welcomes everyone.
ccw08.wav 03.16 Most of the users are HIV+.
ccw09.wav 01.85 You could stay off of it, that would be nice.
ccw10.wav 08.52 Doing this for 25 years, this is something new.

Quotations from N6VUD

vud01.wav 02.08 We welcome everybody who welcomes everybody.
vud02.wav 01.72 Take a chill-pill, Gary.
vud03.wav 03.56 Some unidentified jammer just got on my friggin repeater.
vud04.wav 02.72 At least we ID, jackass.
vud05.wav 03.53 This is N6VUD and I don't give a damn.

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